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It may sound a bit far-fetched, but from now on you can also live with With us you can shop many nice home accessories as gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself). Maybe your brother just moved and he hasn't done anything to his decor yet or maybe your sister just moved in with her partner and you want to give her a nice housewarming gift. Whatever the occasion, with us you can simply shop super fun home accessories that can really turn a house into a home. So; could someone you know use some heat in their home? Shop one of our super fun Living gifts today!

Warmth, living and happiness
There are few experiences more pleasant than coming home after a hard day's work to your own safe nest, with super nice trinkets everywhere or perhaps your almost Spartan decor. Whatever your style is; that's what makes your house a home. And we make sure that you can now give that feeling as a gift! Whether you are looking for a beautiful vase, a nice candle or candlestick, decorative cushions or a lovely plaid, a stylish bowl or a beautiful plateau, an elegant lamp for a really warm look or just something nice for the windowsill; At you can shop the ultimate home gift for your sister, brother, mother, father or perhaps for your grandfather and grandmother. The gifts vary in style, so there is something for everyone and you can always succeed for a beautiful gift.

Living gifts
Of course we recommend that you go through all the pages and all the gifts, because they are all worth your attention, but we will briefly explain a few products below. Are you also completely done with those boring vases that you just put down and that that's it? Then we recommend the JACE vase on foot from LIGHT & LIVING. This beautiful vase consists of a wooden base with four legs, with a glass vase on top in which you can put something fun. Super nice for a hanging plant, for example, but of course also for many other plants and flowers. A super nice gift that the person you are going to give it to (also called 'the lucky one') will really not see it coming, but which he or she will undoubtedly be very happy with. Is your bestie a real chill? Then you can make her happy by giving her a super cute throw from LIGHT & LIVING as a gift. This plaid has a stylish design and will look great on your BFF's couch! Have you ever heard of a giraffe table lamp? New? We are probably not the only ones and that is exactly what makes the GIRAFFE table lamp from LIGHT & LIVING such a great gift! A super surprising home accessory that we will of course also pack for you.

All gifts nicely wrapped
A gift must of course be nicely wrapped. We can really get around that, but it's just a fact. At we wrap every gift, large or small, festively for you so that giving the gift is just as fun as receiving it. Shop today for a beautiful home gift for someone you care about and whose home could use some warmth.