Festive packaging

A nicely wrapped product is a nice gift. Imagine that it is your birthday and you receive a beautifully wrapped present, then you are completely happy, aren't you? The present alone is super fun to receive at that moment, but even more fun to unwrap!


A present for someone else

Have you found one or more products with us that you would like to give as a nice gift? Then you are at the right place at! We love it when every gift is as nice to give as it is to receive. That is why almost all our products are always festively packed and safely delivered by our delivery service. Unfortunately, it is not possible to wrap them festively with the large products that we sell in our webshop. For example, think of large boxes with a certain size, which makes it impossible to provide them with gift paper.


In addition, we offer free and personal delivery in various places in the Twente region. This gives you the opportunity to have your gift delivered to the birthday boy even faster! Curious if we also deliver to your hometown? Then take a quick look at our Free personal delivery page.


A present for yourself

Of course you don't always have to surprise someone's birthday with a nice gift, but you can also buy a present for yourself. Are you proud of yourself? Do you have a new house? Do you have some birthday money that you would like to buy something beautiful for? Or just like that? Everything is possible! Just then, when you buy a present for yourself, it is extra nice if the present is festively wrapped. This way you still have something to unpack when it is delivered to your home.